Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Pain Controls..!!

[ ] ~> The person that is talking between these brackets....is the person with the pain.
** ~> The person that is talking between these stars...is the person who realises someone has so much pain.
[When you have so much pain that it actually hurts inside.. When you feel so alone that it feels like you are naked.. When you have so much pain that you don't want to live anymore.. When you think you are at such a point that you can't return.. When you have so much pain and so much to say but you can't say one word... When you have so much pain that nothing in your live feels worth living for. Not friends, family,a talent, a place, a dream. Nothing. It feels like there is no one that can help you now! You feel as if nobody is there for you and that nobody cares and that you are all alone. You can't talk about the pain..it hurts too much. Why? Because pain controls.]
*When you realise this person has pain...you tell them you there for them and that you care for them and you're just worried if they think you are irritating or just plain stupid for saying that. But never stop saying it because you mean it..you eventually tell them to listen to you and basicly push it down their throats..until they realise you do care and you are there for them. We all make mistakes. We aren't perfect, but we are perfect in our own ways.*
[Sometimes someone tries to talk to you and make you feel better and they say 'I know how you feel'. But no..no one knows how you feel or how it feels to be in your situation! No one knows that it's a fake smile or a fake laugh. Why? Because pain controls.]
*This person has obviously gone through a lot or just something that might look so stupid or unimportant to you, but for them it's not. We don't all have the same issues or situations. We are all different. But pain is pain. And we can relate in this way. So you realise that this person has pain because of some situation in their life.. You don't know what they are going through or how it feels. But you say you do to try and make them feel better. And ofcourse they say you don't. But even if you never have been through what they have..it's true...you do know how it feels, because you know what that amount of pain feels like.*
[When you have been a Christian all your life and read Bible a lot, gone to church and you have so much pain..that you feel even God can't help you now..you lose all your faith. He is suppose to be there..But how can He always be there when you feel so alone? We aren't suppose to ask why..why me... But you do! It's like He forgot about you. You blame the pain on God, because why is it in your lifes plan that you have so much pain. You know He is 'there' , but He isn't there because sometimes you literaly need something to hold onto.. you stop believing...and just ignore everything about God or what connects you to Him. For you, God and what the Bible says just does not make sense! Why if God makes a life plan for everybody, why does yours include so much pain..and other people's lives are so amazing? You feel so stupid when you try and pray because it feels like you praying to nothing but air. Things don't make sense to them, because they don't understand. ]
* But you tell them that * It's God plan for you, because God gives the hardest battle's to his strongest soldair's. He would never have given you so much pain if there wasn't a reason for it or that he thought you can't handle it. God never forgot about you! He wrote your name on his palm...so don't be mad if his answer is 'Not yet'. When things go good with us we tend to forget about God, but when it goes bad we start searching for God. God gave us the gift of choice so when we make bad choices.. God lets is happen... Because in the end it leads you to God. Gods power is strongest when your weak. We realise how amazing God grace is. He will forgive us for the bad choices we have made if we ask and believe. After all he did die for us!! Have you ever really though about it..God actually died for our sins! If someone held a gun against your head and said would you die for someones sins? What would you say? Gods love for us will never end! Unlike past relationships or friendships with people. His love will never fail us! Even when people let you down of hurt you, God will never let you down! He will never fail you!! God doesn't lead you to deep waters to drown you, but to wash you clean. We will never ever be perfect, but we are all perfect in our own ways. Someone once told me hope stands for Hold On Pain Ends and I thought why is she saying this to me? Does she mean I have to live in pain until I die? No..it doesn't mean that..it means that when you have hope and that you believe with every cell in your body that God will make everything work out..he will make everything ok...it will make the pain end! God doesn't want us to live in pain, but in hapiness. Like heaven right here on earth...let heaven be in your heart.. So when we here on earth we can still be in heaven. God keeps His promises. Everything that happens here on earth with you..and the choices you make does not matter.. Because when you go to heaven..you will have eternal hapiness and eternal love!! The time we spend on earth is nothing compare to the time we will spend in heaven. Don't you think this pain on earth is worth having that eternal life with God? I do. Whiles we here lets live in hapiness with God. When everybody else has left you in your time of need..God is there! He is there always! Was always! And will always be! Don't let pain control your live, but God so that you can live in hapiness.*
*You hope it opens their eyes. Because just as people care about you and some people helped you..you help them. You can't do it alone. If someone gives you soap without water..how will you wash yourself clean?*